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The Las Vegas Mass Choir


5th Anniversary

The Las Vegas Mass Choir began in 2004 when renowned Choir Master James R. Smith was contracted to audition, select and develop a 15-voice ensemble from the Las Vegas area.  Mass Appeal was the choir’s first nationally distributed CD; this was completed in April of 2005.  The Las Vegas Mass Choir is currently a common name on gospel television and radio networks throughout the United States.  The Choir has traveled to perform throughout the United States and to the Melbourne Jazz Festival in Australia.  Over the years the Las Vegas Mass Choir has received numerous awards and commendations for their captivating performances of inspirational music and ministry.

Currently the Las Vegas Mass Choir is performing monthly at the House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch at the Mandalay Bay Resort on the historic Las Vegas Strip.  On Tuesday, May 26, 2009 the Choir was honored to be the opening performance for a reelection mega-fundraiser for US Senator Harry Reid featuring President Barack Obama.  The fundraising event was held at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, the LVMC performed with the likes of Sheryl Crow, Bette Midler and Clint Holmes.

The 5th Anniversary Celebration of the LVMC was absolutely stellar.  Las Vegas Mass Choir CFO Ken Miller and ZK ENTERTAINMENT INC presented the flawless evening of Celebration with special guest Beverly Crawford. There was not a bad seat in the house, due to the spacious staging and big screens at Ebenezer Church of God in Christ located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The evening opened with a resounding prayer that touched the hearts of all that were present.  The choir marched in dressed in hues of purple and gray.  The 25 blessed voices were simply ‘teamwork in sound’, loads of energy, singing, dancing and ministering through music.

Choir Master and Director James R. Smith stated, “ … the LVMC sings to bless others, there is a message in every song … they give the gift of music.”  The gift of music was also available to the deaf, each song and all commentary was signed.  It was phenomenal to watch Victoria Gordon, Director of Sign Language Ministry and Bessie Mason, Interpreter, sign during the event.

For the five years of blessings and successes the Las Vegas Mass Choir received Proclamations from Commissioner Lawrence Weekly signed by the entire Clark County Board of Commissioners and Mayor Oscar Goodman and the City Council; both proclaiming May 23, 2009 as Las Vegas Mass Choir Day.  The choir also received a personal letter from US Senator Harry Reid, which was read by Regional Representative Ida Gaines.

The outstanding performance and ministry by special guest, Pastor Beverly Crawford, topped off the evening.  Pastor Crawford is an Evangelist, Stellar Gospel Music Award winner and JDI Recording Artist.  Between moving performances of “Victory Comes” and her number one hit “He’s Done Enough.”  Crawford ministered on the importance of balancing our lives, loving you, giving God thanks for what he has already done and that praise is our ultimate weapon against the enemy.  Pastor Crawford was accompanied by the hallowed voices of the Las Vegas Mass Choir and their remarkable musicians.

The Las Vegas Mass Choir is available for performances via their website www.lasvegasmasschoir.com or by calling 702-344-8444.

As the National  Month of Gospel Music approaches in June, the Las Vegas Mass Choir set the standard celebrating five years of faithful and dedicated service  Saturday night May 23, 2009 at the visitor friendly Ebenezer Church of God In Christ.  This event was commemorated by the state of Nevada, and the day was ordained as “Las Vegas Mass Choir Day”, by the city of Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Mass Choir gave testament to the wondrous work of God’s Grace, Mercy and Faithfulness.  Their ministry has given them many opportunities allowing this talented group to spread the Good News around the world.  They are divine ambassadors of Las Vegas as they worship God in spirit and in truth, off the strip and on.  Through their songs of praise it is clearly conveyed, they are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and their mission is not to sell records, but to share the good news.  The first half of the concert gave platform to many of the talented singers and song writing members of the choir.  The audience remained on their feet all night in anticipation of the great music and fellowship.

In the second half, Evangelist Beverly Crawford gave an exceptional performance in celebration honoring the Las Vegas Mass Choir’s faithful years of service.  She sent forth a word in understanding of contentment.  Thanking God for what he has done and working diligently towards what he is going to do.  James Smith, the director of this renowned choir, strongly relayed this message and set an atmosphere that allowed Mrs. Crawford’s ministry to freely move and be led by the Holy Spirit.  This family oriented concert was a breath of fresh air, and a revival for the city as the Lord moved over the crowd and had his way.

In the end, the concert left you with a sense of restoration in God for positioning through transition. The logistics of the service were well planned, which made for limited distractions and a fully focused “let’s have church event”.  Their choice of venue was convenient and familiar to the general church family.  I specifically enjoyed the worship leaders of the choir as they flat-foot sang, and without limitation, had the audience out of their seat with every song.  Beverly Crawford was a delight to see in ministry.  She illuminated a transparent spirit of herself that left the audience comfortable and open for God to move.  This was a great night and the only downfall was this night was not experienced by all who believe, and I mean basically,  if you were not there to witness this first hand, get out yo’ seat, talk to your neighbor, and let’s have church night, I pray that God directs you to seek  out a video or CD.  This was a must go Event of the year.  Oh what a night to get on the train and get Back to basics.